We have devoted 30,000 square meters of production space in our greenhouses for tulips. Such space has been specially changed for their cultivation.

Passion for plants has become our business, to which we give our hearts. That is why, we have expanded our activities to grow tulips since 2017. We want the charm of our flowers to bring joy. With care for the highest quality of service, our cut tulips are strong and each flower is firm and saturated with colour.

Tulip bulbs come from the Netherlands and germinate in our greenhouse under the supervision of horticultural professionals. A careful verification process ensures the excellent quality of our tulips. The right temperature in the facilities, optimal irrigation and fertilization of bulbs is a task carried out in our company at the highest level.

The stages of flower inspection at Pychyński:


Sprouting tulip bulbs

we verify them through careful inspection and elimination of damaged or diseased bulbs that may interfere with the proper growth of the flower.

We meticulously plant bulbs in boxes

so that the flowers grow straight and do not damage each other.

We cut the tulips precisely,

thanks to which the bouquets are of equal length.

Then carefully arrange them in a bouquet.

Each of the flowers, before it reaches the customer, is checked before packing. Then, we arrange the flowers in a small bouquet.

We secure the bouquets with foil,

then put them in buckets with water and cardboard boxes that protect against damage to a single stem, leaf or flower.

We transport ready-made bouquets responsibly

in such conditions that the flowers do not wilt, open too quickly or are damaged.

We offer our customers tulips
in the following colours:







Bicolour red/yellow

Bicolour white/red

The guarantee of the highest quality of Pychyński tulips is:

The origin of tulip bulbs from the best plantations in the Netherlands.

Accurate control at every stage from bulb germination to beautiful flower.

Precise packaging to guarantee protection against damage.

Responsible transport to keep tulips fresh and protected.

Parameters for tulips:

  • Tulip length: minimum 35-36 cm
  • Tulip weight: from 26 to 35 grams
  • Tulip bud: 2/3 (VBN norm)

Information about an order:

We pack tulips in 7, 9, 10, 15, 25 pieces bouquets but also at the customer’s individual request.

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