Chrysanthemum seedlings

Pychyński horticulture means cultivation of high-quality chrysanthemum seedlings. Mother plantations of seedlings come from licensed companies from the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

We want to provide our customers with the most magnificent seedlings, from which beautiful flowers will grow.

We offer varieties of potted chrysanthema as well as cut flowers. Pychyński’s chrysanthemum seedlings are characterized by unique colours and varieties that our customers value for strength, wholesomeness and colour.

Our care for seedlings is a series of activities that affect the proper development process through proper control, lighting or fertilization.

Diverse in terms of shape, colour or size, they decorate gardens, are perfect for 1st November, or can be used by florists for bouquets for various occasions. Currently, we are the only distributor of the Dummen Orange variety in Poland.

Information about orders

Are you interested in our offer of chrysanthemum seedlings?
Please read the terms of placing an order.

Minimum order quantities:

Minimum number of pieces in an order: 1000 szt.

Minimum order quantity for one variety:

  • 130 pcs. personal collection and company transport
  • 100 szt. pcs. courier shipping

How to place an order?

Call us, send an e-mail or use the order form.

You can also add it to the basket directly next to a specific seedling.
The order will be sent to us by e-mail and we will confirm its implementation.

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Methods of packing
rooted chrysanthemum seedlings for shipping:

Peat cubes

Rooted in peat cube technology.
The basic product of our company.
The minimum order quantity is 130 pcs.


Seedlings rooted in multiplats are offered with courier shipping.
They are packed in plastic bags and cartons.
The minimum quantity of the ordered variety is 100 pcs.

We offer
company transport
We can send
the order by courier
There is the possibility
of personal collection

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